If Kishan is on the verge of leaving the world and entering into an ascetic existence, then Baba’s destiny is pulling him into the world. A wandering hermit, he had renounced the world long time ago. But his destiny changed one day when he discovered a new born baby at the doorstep of his hut. He first searched for the baby boy’s parents but as no one showed up to claim the boy; Baba felt obligated to take the role of the baby’s father and mother. Three years since, Baba is being pulled back into the worldly life as he nourishes the baby. He is being forced to learn the ropes of modern Indian society; child care, education, career...

Would an ordinary, kid Kishan Tiwari, renounce his world and choose to become a Gangster or a Sadhu?

Would Hatha Yogi Baba renounce his Sadhuhood and become an ordinary man to raise the child he found?

Would Mamta Devi and Sonu find their missing son?

Regardless of the unpredictable nature of fate,
there indeed is a faith that connects us all.