a runaway kid who is hardly ten years old. He is here for a different reason: It’s his time to make money! Or to become somebody? He befriends a milkman, a policeman and a couple of Sadhus. He says he is an orphan. Is he really an orphan? Where is his home? Does he not fear the massive crowds? Ultimately, Kishan thinks he would like to become a Sadhu or a Sinner like a Don in Mumbai’s Mafia. So we decided to follow him around to witness what would be his final decision would be - to become a Mafia Don or a Sadhu?

Would an ordinary, kid Kishan Tiwari, renounce his world and choose to become a Gangster or a Sadhu?

Would Hatha Yogi Baba renounce his Sadhuhood and become an ordinary man to raise the child he found?

Would Mamta Devi and Sonu find their missing son?

Regardless of the unpredictable nature of fate,
there indeed is a faith that connects us all.