40 years old, is a pilgrim. He spends time visiting temples and meeting great minds. He loves sharing a "Chillum" – smoking of sacred marijuana in an earthen pipe. He believes that Bob Marley could have been a Sadhu. Shuklaji also thinks Babas and Sadhus are adapting to modern times. That's why now there are Sadhus called; Pilot Baba, iPad Baba, Visa Baba and even an Obama Baba!

Would an ordinary, kid Kishan Tiwari, renounce his world and choose to become a Gangster or a Sadhu?

Would Hatha Yogi Baba renounce his Sadhuhood and become an ordinary man to raise the child he found?

Would Mamta Devi and Sonu find their missing son?

Regardless of the unpredictable nature of fate,
there indeed is a faith that connects us all.